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I have noticed that I am not the kind of person I want to be these days, and I am irritable all the time. I have no idea what is causing this but I know that I need it to stop, as my irritability is creating a lot of turmoil in my family. That takes me to my question for you - what herbs should I take for irritability and how soon can I expect to see results?


Well, there are several herbal supplements you can get over the counter that help you to deal with being anxious and irritable, mainly based on valerian root. So, your pharmacist will definitely be able to help you with this, or even some healthy food stores that might have valerian root in form of tea.

As with any supplement or herbal remedy, it will not start to show effects immediately. But, this effect will definitely be bigger and the herbs will help you if you try to address the stress and the situation which is causing you to be irritable in the first place. If it’s family problem, for example, you will need to address it sooner better than later and anti-anxiety supplements will only help you to solve the real issues by being calmer.