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I have been under a lot of stress lately. We are a low income family and my husband was just laid off, so we are living on my pay check now, which has put a lot responsibility on my shoulders. Some days I do fine. And then there are days during which I feel panicked and stressed and like I cannot handle the stress of it all. On those days, herbs for relaxation would be a welcome addition to my day. What do you think about such herbs? Would you use something like that? And do you have any recommendations perhaps? Thank you for helping.


It does sound like you have a lot of legitimate stress, and not like you are overreacting, for what it is worth. You might benefit from a change in your situation more than you would from herbs. However, valerian is a flower that helps you relax and can serve as a sleeping pill as well. You can buy it at most organic stores. besides herbal remedies, please consider relaxation techniques for anxiety - they are free and have a high success rate.