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I think that my 16 year old son has lots of problems with social anxiety. He is refusing to go on any medication, though we have tried, believe me. We are in and out of therapists' offices non stop. Perhaps we could attempt treatment with herbs? If you have anything positive (or negative, if you really have to) to say about this, I would love your input.


Hello, i suffer quite badly from social anxiety, crowds, public places and generally leaving my safety zone scares the living ***edited by moderator*** ** inappropriate posting** out of me. I don't think that trying to force your son to take medication will help, you need to work with him to find a way that he feels comfortable dealing with it, be it therapy, yoga, meditation, medication, or herbal remedies. Do some research on different methods, none will be instant, or even "quick" but, the more things he does the better the effect. First off, tea's can be fantastic, i swear by several different types; being - Green, Jasmine, Ginseng and lap-sang souchong (this is more of an acquired taste, it is very strong smelling and tasting), all of which are proven to calm anxiety. Calcium and Vitamin D are great for anxiety too, both of which are found in cows milk, and vitamin D is created in our bodies from sunlight!
Yoga is not just great for anxiety, depression, insomnia and the likes, but it makes you much more agile, fitter, flexible and generally feel much better about yourself and your body. Meditation helps you determine the source of your anxiety, which in turn lets you accept it and overcome it, fighting anxiety or avoiding it all together is by no means a way to overcome it. you have to face it head on, but on your own terms.

You should speak to him, ask if he knows why he feels anxious; is it because he thinks people laugh at him ? a weight problem ?
Find out how he is feeling, let him know you're there, and willing to do anything you can to help him.

Finally, help him to analyse the anxiety, go through the feelings he has write it down, find out the "What if's" that go through his head when he get anxious.
For me, the greatest "What if" that i have is vomiting in public, although i know it's no big deal, it's one of my biggest fears, so all my anxiety builds up to this, it starts as a lightheaded feeling, the to a tightness in my throat and chest, then nausea, then it either turns to vomiting; or a full blown panic attack followed by floods of tears and running to somewhere secluded to be alone and regain my composure.

Remember, pressure is the reason it happens, pressure on oneself or from others. Bare this in mind when speaking to him about possibilities.

All the best and good luck,