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I'm a 20 year old female and for the past two years (since going on birth control) I've been feeling anxious, something I hadn't really dealt with before.

I switched my BC a year in but I still suffer with anxiety.

I went to Ireland a year ago and was very worried about strangers breaking into the house I was staying in and attacking/hurting me. I only felt safe when my parents were there with me.

Over the past year I've had a case of the "what ifs". I worry constantly about health and growing older, being pregnant, giving birth and dying. A few months ago I worked myself into tears worrying that something was wrong with my heart. It was hurt every so often (and stopped after using the toilet at most times).

The doctor said it was a muscle strain, but he didn't do any tests other than feeling my back. I had another chest pain session two weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I even stopped drinking my favourite sugar filled drink and attempted to eat something healthy during the day.

I'm scared about travelling too far away from my home - going on holiday is scary, but to other countries and on a plane terrifies me.

Being alone in my house at night worries me that I don't go to sleep until someone comes home. Being in a crowd - a noisy crowd makes me anxious. Fear of not being able to escape, of being trapped. I was at a wedding reception and had to get out of there because my head felt lightheaded and my breathing increased and I burst into tears.

As long as I can see where the exits are and know that I have a way out, I'm okay.

I haven't had a panic attack (or at least, not a big enough one to know what it is), but I do think I have some sort of anxiety disorder and that alone scares me enough to tears.


you do have an anxiety disorder. You're not alone. Millions of people suffer from this, including myself. I know how you feel. I haven't necessarily experienced the same things you have, but some of the things you describe. First thing you need to do is see your doctor. Go to a different one until you find someone who will listen. Explain your symptoms like you did below. They'll realize that it is anxiety. They can give you medication to help. More importantly seek help from a mental health provider that you feel comfortable with. There is nothing that helps me more than being able to talk to someone who as gone through what you're feeling. They can sympathize. Those you have never experienced this can never understand completely. It just seems "ridiculous" to some people that we have these crazy fears. Don't feel like there's something wrong with you and you alone. Just get help and try therapy to see if you can get to the root of why you're experiencing the anxiety. A good therapist can give you tools to help you calm down. Exercise, yoga, meditation, are all means that can help you relax.

Get to the Dr. right away and get on medication to help ease the anxiety. Once it starts to subside a little bit and you feel more in control you'll feel better. The thing about anxiety is that is just snowballs. Once you feel more in control start looking into the therapy. Just believe that you will be ok. I always tell myself "this too shall pass" and it will. Hope that helps.