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I have suffered from vasculitis caused by long term medication use on and off for a few years now, and in all that time it never once occurred to me that I could be using herbs to clear this up. If you know about any herbal treatments for vasculitis, and can tell me what I need to know to get started, I would be very grateful!


Hello there myra690,

I am so sorry that you have been suffering from this condition for years. This is autoimmune disorder and unfortunately researchers are still not able to find out what is causing this disorder. And since there are few types of vasculitis and you didn’t write from which one you are suffering I think there is nothing I can tell you about alternative treatment with herbs.

If you by any chance come back to this site again with the interesting solution or something that you have tried yourself I would like to hear about it. I have noticed that some time has passed since you were last time here but I am looking forward seeing your post here.