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Are there any other hypothyroidism patients on this forum? As a person with hypothyroidism myself, I am always happy to hear about treatment methods, and especially herbal treatments. I just started to realize that there are many people throughout the world who keep hypothyroidism under control with herbs. Maybe herbs could work for my hypothyroidism too? What can you tell me about this?


Well, since I'm answering questions about Thyroid issues today let's answer yours.

You say you're a hypothyroid patient, so I can assume you've been diagnosed with it and you're getting treatment of somekind.

So I'm wondering why you ask about the herbal treatments. I've never used or suggested any of them to correct thyroid conditions, so I'm unable to offer a suggestion.

But perhaps knowing this could help...

Here are the 3 most common issues that I've seen for hypothyroidism:

1) Mercury toxicity (primarily from the silver amalgam fillings in teeth).

2) Mineral deficiency (primarily the 72 trace minerals and iodine and selenium).

3) Eating only 1 or 2 times a day (also doing low-calorie diets ruin metabolisms).