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First off Thanks for reading this post.  It is long because I want to be detailed in everything that I tell you because this is an issue that I have had for 8 years, and I am still suffering in extreme pain daily.

It is long but it is extensive and accurate and I need help.  I have yet to get an actual diagnosis…. 8 years and nobody can say you have “Y” or “Z”  I live in  a constant state of pain a good day is a 6 on a lot of meds, I average a 7 to 8 and can’t spend another day laying down, then sitting, then laying and so on and so forth. I’m mentally starting to get desperate because of this, and NOT 1 Doctor out of the literally 20 has yet to say what the actual issue is.  If it’s a surgeon, they back off and send me to pain management, then your in the loop of wasting my life in pain and they have no plan of action.  Ohhh I see ya haven’t had an MRI in a year lets do another, Ohh lets do X-rays again… I’m the Doctors Cash Cow… MOOOOOO! 


The Issues:

I have had pain in my left testicle since 2008, and now it is in both testicles. It’s a radiating pain sometimes, then at other times a burning and even a stabbing pain.

It all started with a back injury where I herniated 3 Discs and Bulged a 4th disc.

L2 to L5-S1 ...L2-3 being the bulged one and the rest herniated.

L5-S1 has the most severe damage of all the discs and you can clearly see that on an MRI.  I have had 5 sets of shots in my back(under live Xray) with multiple injections up and down my spine in 2010. This did not work at all for back or testicular pain. On one of the procedures they put the shots in my groin that block the testicular pain so that I could at least have a few hours of relief, I could tell you this much, I didn't realize how bad the pain was until it was gone. For a few hours while they were numb I got my life back, even though it was short lived it was the best I felt in a long time.

I originally got hurt and went to a Chiropractor, they did X-rays saw nothing, and did what they do.  I did not want them to to anything after the first visit as it aggravated the condition being cracked and pressed and soon went for MRIs because I  couldn’t get out of a chair.

I have had at least 5 MRIs and countless X-rays done. Xrays show nothing the MRI reveals the issue stated above. 4 Nerve Latency tests? Where they shock you. (unknown results)

I have seen 2 different Urologists and had a bunch of tests done, they both concluded it was from the back as that is also when the pain started after the injury.

I Had 2 Ultrasounds of my testicles which are fine.

I have seen and multiple surgeons, Doctors, DO’s.  All the Surgeons tell me not to see a Chiropractors, and I cannot as it aggravates my condition.

I have tried countless OTC and herbal remedies, back braces, massage therapy, A chiropractor even though they strongly advised against it, TENS units, Hot Spas, Ice packs, and recently even tried Cryotherapy. I wasted tons of money on stupid stuff, but if anything could give me any type of relief I was going to try it. You know when you order these things you are getting screwed, but in the back of your mind you say what if I could get a little bit of relief.... and screw it ya buy and try it. After that you just hope for the best.


I got so fed up with being in massive pain from this over the years. It has killed my life. I slept only one time since the injury all the way thru the night... Only Once. I wake up a minimum of 4 times a night because of pain, a minimum of 4 and I can’t stand it. Basically I'm tired of being sick and tired!

As a last resort I said maybe I could find a better surgeon, one that is on the cutting edge, one that is the best in his field and this guy would be the answers to all my problems and at the least just make me a little bit better, just a little. Maybe I could feel just a few percent better and get on with life that was the hope.


So last year after tons of hours of research, I found 2 top notch surgeons, the best of the best is how they were rated and I gave them two a shot..... I went to Manhattan to see the 2 different surgeons that were rated and said to be the best around. They told me that there is nothing that they could do for this condition and that surgery would not help, and would probably make it worse. It was strange they both told me the same exact thing, The two of them said the same things to me, it was like they talked to each other about me, crazy because they didn't. They also told me with my condition, If a surgeon tells you he can operate and fix you to be very, very leery of that surgeon. They also told me the only way they advise me getting a surgery procedure done was a last resort, basically when I am in extreme scenario like being totally messed up and unable to walk or function properly , that was kind of scary to hear.


I spoke to the surgeons like this and just came out with it... I said look speak to me like I am your son, and what is best for me. I am not going to hold you accountable for anything; I just want you to speak to me like I'm someone important in your life. So with that let’s pretend I am talking to you not in this office, but like we both met up at a restaurant and we are having a few drinks until the table is ready. Tell me what I need to know in layman’s terms, I don't care if its horrible news, or the greatest news of my life. Just speak to as a friend not a Doctor worried about every damn word they say and lawsuits, because I’m not that type of guy. SO I hope ya understand what I’m saying to you, and I hope your reply is not you in that white coat.....


The one surgeon spoke to me like I was his buddy and said basically this is the stuff you don’t want to hear, I can’t help you with this issue and with technology out is nothing that will help you. He explained the odds to me and said something that made me know he wasn't full of sh*t... He said I get paid great money to do surgery, I like money and I like to do surgery. I only get paid when I am doing surgery, and in your case I can’t do surgery, because it won’t help you at all unfortunately, you are more than welcome to get different opinions, but with that be careful for the guy who says he can fix you, because if they open you up and start doing things it will lead to you in more pain, and more complications. Then what happens is you will be in this grey area where no Doctor will want to touch you because they have to try and clean something up that shouldn't have ever been done in the first place, and then he said do understand what I'm saying to you right?

Well I sure did understand him... and it sucked the news but it was the truth.... The other surgeon said the same stuff but wasn’t as relaxed and open.


In doctors terminology They basically told me there is an 80% chance or higher that surgery would not work, and if they were to do surgery it could lead to more complications and could result in no difference or more pain. So basically they won’t touch me, nobody will. I have had the same result with about 6 other surgeons, they won’t touch me.

With the back and testicular pain it seems to be a bad combination, and there is no cure. They told me if I had Sciatica they can really help that but when it comes to back pain and testicular pain associated with the back I am kind of screwed for lack of better words.


Once again after seeing the last 2 surgeons I was back to pain management. They really don't have a problem in prescribing me meds to take away the pain because they see I have pretty much exhausted any and all resources to get better.

Nothing works to get rid of the pain. I get temporary relief from meds, but I have to be kind of messed up from med to have relief for my testicles. It really is horrible.

The best relief I get is from strong anti-inflammatory like Prednisone and a shot of Toridol works great also. However no Dr. wants me on those. Toridol is very bad for you, blows out your kidneys, and prednisone I have to beg for it and will use it when it gets really bad.

So now an update, after 2 more surgeons who won’t touch me I go to another surgeon, pain management.  This Dr. is saying he thinks that he can do something.  During the examination he checked my lower back but also checked my groin thoroughly.  He found that along the groin, I must have swelling or inflammation as it is extremely tender when you push on it. Okay the Docs plan.

They want to basically start at the L5-S1( Herniated) and basically slightly inflate the disc.  The thought is if it inflates it should cause more pain if it is hitting the nerve.  At that point we basically check all the discs and the one causing the pain will get injections, hopefully providing relief.  Also shot will be given in the groin to stop the pain in the testicles by blocking that nerve.  Again there is no guarantee but so far nobody has done “ troubleshooting”  or they have and don’t know what’s wrong because I ask, and they talk in circles, on rare occasions after pressing they aren’t quite sure because “ The back can be a tricky thing”, they want another MRI because the last 5 weren’t  good enough they need more LOL…

I really give the F up at this point…. Really its sad.  I atleast respect the one that say I don’t know…

So I hope and pray all of you get relief, and if any of you know of anything that provides relief please let me know. Thanks for your time and reading my story.... And if anyone has had the same issue please let me know, we can compare notes if your still in the same loop.


Thank You



Hey man, I am suffering from the exact same thing down to every detail. Do you have any update or relief? Thanks.


Weak rectus femoris muscles, and weak erector spine cause this type of pain water therapy benefited.


Me too same sh*t...