Surgeons need to know that titanium oxidizes in the body. This oxidation causes immune responce that cause long term damage to the post op client. If a surgeon is not informing their clients that clips are used pre surgery then the client is not informed and the client can end up with long term health problems from the lack of respect to the client whom had the surgery. Being a nurse I have been informed by many clients that were not informed that metal was left in their body post operation, and they have to live a life of pain, immune issues, nerve and lymph damage.

I needed a thyroidectomy and I interviewed the surgeon who stated he used only desolvable stiches in the surgery, so I let him  do the surgery. I became very ill post op and the doctor did not inform me of any clips left in my neck. After several office visits to determine why I was having swallowing issues, I discovered I had over 30 clips left in my neck.  Any surgeon who performs a surgery and does not disclose he has left a foreign object in a client has denied that client from knowing they can have a life long issues due to the lack of respect from the surgeon. THIS IS MALPRACTICE. It can be life threatening! I am now living with chronic pain due to this surgeons actions while I was under anethsia. 

Do not let a surgeon get away with distroying your life. If you find out that you have a foreign body left in your body speak to an attorney ASAP. I have lost my ability to swallow, cough, speak, and eat without pain every minuite of the day and night. Surgeons take an oath to do no harm, leaving titanium in a client without informing the client,of this implant is wrong, any surgeon saying titanium is inert is wrong.  Surgeon needs to remember the reason they had to study chemistry in college before they became medical doctors. If a surgeon lack knowledge that all metals oxidize and possibly more so when it is in a living body, that is trying to fight foreign objects in the body, Then they need to go back to school. Do not let 2 years past if you have complications to an operation the law will not let you be compesated if wrong doing has been done. The statue of limitations will prevent you from  your patients rights of being informed. The doctor will provail and your health and possibly your life will be comprimised. And just think about how much you paid that surgeon to harm you.

Be informed!