Help needed with heroin detox using subutex 8mg tablets X3 ......

My current situation is iv been smoking H for the past 3 months,

roughly half a Gram a day, i need to do a rapid detox ASAP like yesturday only using the 3 8mg subutex tabs i have to hand.

i have been on H before but got clean by switching to methadone then to subutex, was clean for 2 years from H but my supply of subutex came to a stop so relapsed and been using the past 3 months daily,

Im 28 years old , 5ft 11 and arround 90kgs ( 14 stone ish ),

Any help and advice will be highly appreciated , as i need help ASAP ... i will be somking my last bag at 8pm today 12/08/2015 @ 8pm. I am hoping to take my 1st Dose of subutex  tommorrow at arround 12 am dinner time , 16 hours after my last bag of H....

Cheers in advance from uk.blazer86  :-)