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This method is used in Rehab facilites and compared ot other detox methods in other rehab facilities, this method has been the most successful and pain free.

SUBUTEX IS NEEDED, so go see your doctor and see if he/she will give you persscription of 8mg Subutex, but you will not need the entire bottle.

DAY 1,2, and 3 you do the same thing: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST BE IN FULL AND COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL BEFORE TRYING THIS METHOD OR YOU WILL GO INTO PRECIPIATATED WITHDRAWAL. So, day 1,2 and 3: You start off with 4 mg of Subutex in the morning, every four hours you will take another 2 mg's (so that's usually 1 4 mg in the morning, one 2 mg in the afternoon after 4 hours of taking your first 4mg, and then another 2 mg before bed)

Day 4: Take 2 mg's of subutex every 6 hours

Day 5: Day 2 mg of subutex every 8 hours

Day 6: Take 1 2mg of subutex for the entire day

Day 7:  Congratulations you have just started your first day of sobriety and being clean from everything.  Don't give up.  Don't take more Subutex.  You just made it through the worst.  So enjoy your sobriety and stay strong and clean.  It's your life.  You do notw ant to keep pawning everything that is worth more than 10's so you can get your next fix.  You can do this method at home yourself and if you have these medications available to you, you can take some adderal for energy and some ambien for sleep and maybe a xanax for relaxation or a clonodine for the hot and cold but you should not have to feel any of those symptoms except anxiousness and lack of sleep.  The subutex will work like a charm if you do not get hooked on it.


Your last comment says it all. Subutex IS an opiate and for most this means just swapping one addiction for another. Admittedly, in a rehab, you have a better chance. I should know, I went 8 times.

I know for a fact that the symptoms of withdrawl should last about 3 days. I quit 8 days ago and I feel great but with the tale end of flu. My sleep is getting back to normal too.

However I tapered down from 10mgs to 0.8mgs since January. I reckon 6 days is going to be very hard for most - even with the physical side done, the mental side of years of addiction will take a long while after to sort out. Prepare well.

Also consider this. I was mainly a pill head but smoked heroin a few times. Did nothing for me. I now know that heroin is about 6% pure these days compared to 20-30% 10 years ago. Now days you can find yourself coming off heroin with a drug that is stronger than it.

Good luck