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Hey everyone - I was wondering has anyone tried this? 

I've been on a bag or bag + per day habit for almost a year, and varying amounts of H, oxy, and vicodin in the past 3-4+ years. Time for a change right? 

I've tried detoxing, from the H at least to the subs, and every time I try the suboxone, and especially subutex, even after waiting 24, 30, or 36 hrs from last H use, the subs just seem to put me in a worse withdrawal, and I've wound up going back to the H to help me feel not so sick after a couple days. 

So the question is, has anyone tapered off heroin and very, very slowly tapered onto small amounts of suboxone / subutex etc. and then made the change? I just can't seem to cross the bridge and do so without turning back around (which is more like crawling back where I came from barely able to get around). 

***So this could, for example, be something like (Day 1): 3/4 bag H, (or 7 out of the 10 sealed stamped little wax-paper bags about 1" by a couple mm we have here in NYC), Zero Subs ; (Day 2): 1/2 bag H, 2 mg suboxone, (Day 3): wait 24 hrs, then do 4 mg suboxone and as little H as possible which could foreseeably "fill in" any gaps that my receptors are jonesin' for, let's say 3 or 4/10 of a bag, (Day 4): 8 mg suboxone, 2 or 3/10 H, and so on***

A big issue is, like with many people I can imagine, being able to function and not have to miss too much work, and not scare my girlfriend to death, who has been a little scared noticing me get sick a few times already this fall. I know it's a 'have your cake and eat it too' approach, but I'm just hoping to be able to transition to the subs, not with ZERO withdrawal symptoms, but with bearable withdrawal symptoms so that I can (1) function and (2) cross the finish line. 

Any help would be very much appreciated! Hopefully I'll be in a position to help others with this down the road, and after I get some input & tips I'll definitely keep a log of how it goes. 



I know this is a old post, but to anyone reading-you have to be in the withdrawel phase of heroin or oxy etc. for suboxane to work. Just wait 12-24 hours. Preferably closest to 24 as possible. I waited 14 hours and just sweat a lot when took it. The pain etc. goes away though! I would do it over your weekend. If you do both, you will just get sick. Basically wait till you feel like c**p. It is sooo worth it. I had a bad habit and was on both heroin and oxy for so long I couldnt function without it. It is amazing how great suboxane works! Now I am on subutex, same thing as suboxane just without the ingredient naloxane which happened to make my knees hurt. Immediately I had zero cravings and was able to keep my job etc. Everything is great. So in short, wait for withdrawal at least 12 hrs from last hit (my nurse friend, also h addict was the one whom told me I HAD to wait, otherwise you will go into SEVERE withdrawals) it is a very small price to pay to get your life back. And any addict knows, 12 hours sucks, but not as bad as it could! Right? Good luck!!