Hey guys,

Well first things first i do not have herpes. On the other hand i am a herbalist though. I would like to make a suggestion to try goldenseal, echinacea, olive leaf extract, apply tea tree oil strait to cold sore during break, astragalus, oil of oregano pill form, cats claw and L-Lysine, and garlic take recommended dosage of Olive leaf extract, L-Lysine, and Astragalus everything else take one pill daily. You should be breakout free in 6 weeks if you keep with it. Note even if you get to be breakout free do not get off the regiment. This regiment helps keeps your immune system strong. Herpes is beatable if you play your cards right. I use to study herbs all the time. This should do the trick. Also i would appreciate some feed back on how it works? any questions feel free to email me at . Hope this works guys have a great day.

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