Hi there, I have been experiencing Spots that start out as Red swollen bumps, firstly on my Ass cheeks, then my inner thighs over the course of a year constantly, some wud burst eventually some not all, and then heal, i have not had anything health checkup because i am convinced and in denial a bit aswell, so i tried valtex for about two months and on my ass cheeks everything went away but on my thighs there are still red bumps but never popping and can remain there for longer than a month, also it seems like a hard zit like dry excessive piece of skin is permantly there now aswell, not sore but just there on my inner thigh.

Also one night a got a sudden urge of tingling from my neck to my head, and since then i am having recurrent big zit like sores on my scalp and mostly below my lips, recently on my cheeks just a big swelling for a month but never reaching a head, and very slowing fading away without any treatment, ive tried lots of creams but nothing seems to work because its occuring weekly or bi weekly for over 2years now, please if you think you know that its most likely, i would really really appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance.