I'm 15 and in highschool. I've liked this boy sense last semeseter . We use to talk a lot on snapchat. Like had good conversations, helped me with my ex , talked about sports. But now no. We really talk a lot in class sense we sat next to eachother and close to eachother. I have 2 classes with him. I catch him looking at me alot. It's like you can tell when someone likes you and by his actions I can tell he does. He's different, he's not like the other boys in my school. But when he's around the boys that I hate Cuz they flirt and act like a b***h towards me , he does the same. I model and I told him he said he belives me cause I'm really pretty but just need braces lol So I feel like he won't date me cause of my teeth what do I do? Plus I don't want him to like me cause of my body like the rest of the boys. I hate it . He's popular so you think he won't go for me cause of that? Idk if he knows I like him but I did tell his friends that, and my friends know. So maybe he does but ik just stuck I want to ask him and just admit to him I like him but i just can't .