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Still tied to him cause I lost my virginity?Please bear with me! So I met this guy last year. Me and him really hit it off. We had a lot of things in common, laugh so much, talked about anything to everything. He is a lot older than me but I really liked himHe's kind of a bad boy/ player/loser.  friends sort of knew him already and told me that he is just just trying to sleep with me cause he a lot older it's hard

to say what his intentions are. We hung out often and made him wait little over three months before I finally gave in and slept with him.

I didn't tell him that It was my first time and sadly I became pretty attached to the guy. I would stalk him on social media and would find him liking pictures of other girls and Instagram thots and it drove me crazy. I finally got the courage to ask him if he wanted anything more with me but he said  it was a big commitment and he's busy with work. I have never been rejected before so I took that pretty hard cause I liked him so much. He was playing a lot of games so I blocked him from everything and without any explanation stopped talking to him. 

For some reason, It took me months before I finally move on. We saw each other out often but I always ignore him. I finally accepted him on snapchat and ever since he's always snapping and drunk texts me and try's  to reach out. I usually just ignore him and sometimes we'll talk and he says he misses old times. We didn't date but feels  like we did.after almost a year and finally decided to hangout We cuddled, talked about everything that happened between us and 

just don't know what he's trying to do. I still have feels for him I guess but is it only because I lost my v-card to him? I fear he'll break my heart again so I don't want to start anything again. I've been some awesome guys after him who are far more attractive and successful in their life. I think I'm too good for him and he does things sometimes that makes me wonder how the hell I even like him but don't know why it's so hard to stay away from him. Please explain what's wrong with me.


So many grammar errors sorry!