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When I saw my boyfriend I noticed a little redness on shaft of penis under the head of penis. What do you think it is? Also he told me he gets checked yearly for std's and he is on medication when medication is completely taken he does not need a condom. What do you think the medication is? I asked him before I saw him he isn't saying


No medication will make him "not need a condom" in a STD sense. And there's no male medication really effective for contraception yet. Either way, he would tell you what it was. He's lying to you about the not needing a condom part. Maybe he's lying about being on medication at all, but you would need to talk to him. And if he is in some kind of medication and he won't talk to you about it, then there's something wrong with your relationship. I would review my definition of 'boyfriend' and find another one. (But the main point is, don't have sex with him without a condom! He might have a STD and be lying about it so you won't dump him or not have sex or something. He might have a STD and not even know. Better safe than sorry.)