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Alright. Well I have this guy named mike as a friend. He's cool and all, very attractive. Well we hung out for the first time out of school a few days ago and we ended up getting high and having sex. He calls me sometimes and we just talk a lot, he asks me to come over but when I can't he's cool with it, he asks if I hate him or if he should feel bad or if he took advantage of me, but he definitely didn't. It was consensual. But do you think he only wants me for sex? I got myself into something stupid. I am starting to really like him.


Hi Erinelizabethluna! As you have self-mentioned is was consensual, so you both wanted to have sex. This is pretty normal between young people dating. And at the end you both are interested in sex, which doesn't mean just sex. Focus always your questions on you. If what you are feeling and living is making you happy. If you like him, if you like the way he treats you, if you are happy, why not continue with him? Life is all too much complicated at your age to understand what you feel, don't waste your time trying to figure out what he feels. As long as you think he is happy too. You know , we never know what really is the reason that makes us falling in love with another person.