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I have 3 bulging disc in my neck and migraines and was wondering if this went to gether. What can i take for them . they last anywhere from a week to 4 or 5 months. They get very painful. Please help me


Hi Angel: I feel for you honey - I have the same thing - due to dislocation! They are DEFINITELY connected, but they can be helped! I do NOT believe in any Chiropractor messing with your neck! But DEEP massage and ultrasound can really help! Your brainstem hold all the nerves and they go down your spinal column! So when anything impeeds that - and the electrical signals running up and down your spine - causes numbness, pain, discomfort, even paralysis! And when our necks are involved in trauma we REALLY tense up and this pain is compounded due to muscles being tight and knotted!

So I would definitely advise you to go to a massage therapist and have them massage your neck and your shoulders and ALL the way down your back and upto the base of you skull! The Tension HAS to be released so you can have a more movement! Have you seen a neurologist regarding the discs? I know it's a little tricky, but there is an operation for bulging discs! If you get to see a neurologist, they can give you a MRI of your neck and spine, and see what nerves are impeeded! AND they can also tell you if an operation is an option!

Also migraines are caused by constricted nerves, veins, and muscles. A holisitc form of helping with migraines is as follows - you change it back and forth!

Place your feet in a bowl of VERY warm water - the warmest you can handle - put about 6 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil in the bowl and swish with your feet. At the same time get a REALLY cold buckwheat bag - or even a frozen bag of peas - around the base of your school and on your forehead and lay back close your eyes and relax!

You can then change this around, putting your feet in REALLY cold water! And using a buckwheat or neck bag - warm it up as much as possible - not too hot of course - and if they have lavender in them all the better! IF they don't use a hanky with 2 or 3 drops of lavender and 1 - 2 drops of Rosemary on it. And gently sniff the hanky - don't put it on the skin! Use cold cucumber slices on your eyes and try and use a rotating massage through your temples and sinuses!

When you go to the massage therapist, ask him/her to put a heating pack on your neck, and ask for a facial temple and ear massage too! IF you can afford it, a Hot Stone massage on the face and upper back is the BEST thing going! This is to help you ease the muscles. But definitely get checked out by a neurologist! I wish you health and good luck! Please keep me updated OK?