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Hi everyone, Im a 24 year old male.Last tursday I was playing with my dog, runing arround, but nothing.. then I sat down to get to work, arround 7PM I whent to the store, and since I got up, my left testicle started to hurt real bad, up to my abdomen, as soon as I came back from the store, I checked my self, and I found a really hard lump at the bottome of my left testicle, was big, the size of a broad pea, but rounder, almost like a marbel, pretty much as hard, and it hurs if i touched it, even if i pressed it a bit, also felt pretty heavy and my testicle was pretty low and hanging. I took some pain meds and whent to sleep.
My friends dad is a Doctor, so next day I asked him bout my problem, he checked me, he said that more than likely it was a cyst. Told me to take some antibiotics and some other pils, that i am taking now since friday night. also to not wear boxers, and to wear something more tight that keeps my testicles up, and away from hanging (if thats the word)and to get a sonogram on thursday/friday. .
Te lump seems to go "smaller" and "softer" in the morning when I wake up. Tonight I cecked my self, and the pain whent away, but the lump is still there.
I know I checked wit ha doctor already, but I get too nerveous always, does this sound like cancer? or if its a cyst, would I need surgery or anything? Im very scared. :'( :'(


You have probably caught this early, and that's good no matter what this is.
This shows the value of regular self-exams. It's good that you're checking regularly.

It's great that you have a friend who is a doctor and got a quick evaluation.
He's recommending a sonogram to double check, and that's a good idea. I
hope that you've got an appointment set up.

You need to continue consulting with your doctor. Either your regular
family doctor or your friend, but they are the best to follow through with this.
Whether this turns out to be cancer or not remains to be seen. That's one of
the reasons why they want a sonogram.

There's not much you can do about this right now, so I wouldn't push, prod,
or squeeze it any more. You know it's there. You know it's less painful now.
Odds are it is a minor cycst, but the determination will be made by a doctor.


Wat scares me, is not the pain anymore, since its not there. or barely there... but the SIZE!!! its almost the siz of my testicle, like if i had 3 testicles, and its heavy and realllly hard! :-(


That's a different story. You didn't share that information earlier with us.
By all means, you need to go get a sonogram. Your friend's dad who is a
doctor should have been clear that you need to be examined and dealt
with immediately. If the appointment is set, follow through. In the meantime,
don't squeeze it, but protect it and make certain that you get through to
the doctor or nurse or clinic how large this growth is.

Are you certain that you've not mistaken a normal testicle for the growth?
This may sound silly, but I'm trying to understand what you've found.

I suspect you'll be seeing a urologist, and you are right to move quickly.


I definitely think that you should follow Kirk C's advice and get the sonogram to find out what it is. I would say that the doctor is right and it will turn out to be a cyst but you need to know that for certain, okay? Can you tell me how it turns out?