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So for the past week or so I've had a spot on my scrotum... i assumed it was from hair removal creams (ingrowing hair maybe) the spot whent down but became increasingly inflamed and painful.. i have tried to pop it but it doesn't do anything.... whilst inspecting this inflammation i checked my testicles and found a hard lump that is painful to touch.... last night I was in bed and came over with serious pain that bought me to tears, the pain was as if someone was squeezing my testicle constantly throbbing... send cramps up into my stomach....

Can you please give me some advice x


Exactly sounds like an inflammation/infection. You should never ignore this condition. You need visit your GP as soon as you notice a lump or swelling in one of your testicles. There're various condition may cause problems like yours:

Epididymitis -- inflammation of the ducts through which sperm leaves the testicle. This is often caused bychlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease, or a urinary tract infection that results from an inability to empty the bladder because of an enlarged prostate

Orchitis -- inflammation of one or both testicles, which may be caused by bacteria or a virus like mumps. Orchitis can occur at the same time as epididymitis or prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland).

varicoceles (swollen blood vessels) are also a common cause of testicular lumps. 

Of course, there're other possibilities, maybe you could google diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, it has a website provides online service for free, i use i, i believe the online doctors may help you. Good luck~