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Hi, i am a male and 16 years old, around a year ago i discovered a pea sized lump on my left testicle. I havent done anything about it as i was hoping it would pass. It doesnt cause any pain or irritation and i can squeeze it adveragly hard without discomfort. it feels as though it isnt attatched to the testicle as i can pull it away but when i let go it goes straight back to th same place. It appears to be a white colour when brought up against the skin. It hasn't grown or shrunk at all and it has been about a year. I am almost at the stage of going to the doctors to get it checked out but i am embarrasd to go. i am just trying to get any answers at all of what it is.


Hi, is it attached to the vas deferens? That's the tube that attaches to your testicle and carries the sperm. Or is it under the skin of your scrotum?

The good news is that you said it hasn't changed size or shape in a year. I would think the best solution is to get it checked by your doctor. You don't have to be embarrassed, they are used to these questions.