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Hi there. I'm 16 years old and was in the shower one morning when I thought I'd routinely check my testicles. To my suprise I felt a small hard lump on the top of my right testicle. Firstly, I'd like to say that I am 90% sure it is not my Epididymis, because it appeared quite literally overnight. Also, it hurts sometimes when I sit down on it, or when I touch that particular testicle, a pain shoots through it and my groin. I'm extremely worried that it might be testicular cancer, and am afraid of going to the doctors for an examination. Any ideas or advice?


First, congratulations on conducting routine checks of your testicles. This is something that few men admit to, but is critically important for detecting lumps and saving: their testicle, their fertility, their lives!

Second, anytime that you find a lump, a visit to your family doctor is the first step. You need not confess everything you've been doing to them, but certainly, report your lump, pain and anything that appear out of the ordinary. You are your own best friend here: Though regular exams by the family doctor are important and necessary, nobody sees your scrotum or testicles as much as YOU do! Therefore, you are in the best position to spot irregularities. But if you don't do self exams regularly, something can get away from you.

Epididymis can be a bit painful, but any pain should be checked out. The small hard lump is enough to get you moved up the priority list to be checked out immediately.

You can find information on how to conduct this test in most any doctor's office, but one of the best, most liberal sexual information help books on the market right now is "The Guide to Getting it On" by Paul Johanedes.

You can find other information on line if you want to search. But don't ignor this. It's important!