I am a 48yr old woman, 7 years ago i was told i had had a heart attack after a stint in A&E after having a blood test. On seeing a consultant and having a scan of my heart he could not see any damage to it. I have been having high blood pressure on and off since this time. Last week at work i developed a swimmy head, keep feeling nauseas and have headache on and off. My blood pressure was taken as i work on a ward in a hospital and read 167/102 was told to rest for a while and was taken again and it had risen to 179/115, i rang my doctor to make an appointment to see someone, but the senior nurse on the ward said because i had some tightening of the chest i was to be talen straight to A&E where they treated me for suspected heart attack on doing the blood test after 12 hours was told i could go home as long as i went to see my GP the next day. Which i did, my blood pressure was still elevated but was coming down so once again i am on lisinopril. A week later i have returned to work, but still have the occasional swimmy head and on/off headache and still keep feeling nauseas. do you have any answers for me as to whether i should go back to the GP> Thankyou