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Hello everyone, I thought I would get this off my chest and I have looked over this site and enjoy it. Maybe someone can give me some tips or pointers or ides. This might be a bit long, so bear with me please.

For starters, the past month my blood pressure has measured around 160/100 both times at the doctor. I was put on a blood pressure medicine(don't know the name offhand), at 20mg the first time. I went back yesterday and about the same 160/102. My doc raised the same medicine to 40mg.

Today, I went fishing. I felt just fine. We walked about maybe 1/8 of a mile and I started feeling very sluggish. I think they are my arteries on both side of my neck was pumping hard(leading up to the brain), and I was breathing heavy. My neck started feeling very tense, along with my shoulder blades. I sat down for awhile and took a break.

About 15 minutes later I started fishing again(standing up the whole time), and i bent down to pick up a few shells for my daughter. Both times when I came back up, I felt the blood rush to my head fairly bad, and felt a little I was going to stumble around a bit(my head felt funny). I have had this feeling in the past quite a few times. So I blew it off. I rested again for 15-20 minutes.

I then fished some more, walking a little ways, and again I felt fairly weak, but was ok. Took another small break(about 10 minutes). Went to another place to fish and fished for awhile with no problems. I then walked again just a little bit and my body was hurting and tired, so I sat down and fished. I got up, looked down, picked up a rock for my daughter, came up, felt very dizzy in my head as earlier and gave it to her. I took 10 more steps or so, and I started seeing a bit black, neck was very tense and weak and so were my arms. I think I ALMOST passed out. Luckily I was right near the truck and sat down immediately.

Now my history is that I am 38 y/o, I have had 2 lower lumbar surgeries on my spine(fusions) and one one my cervical spine(fusion). I have disc degeneration and I am in pain 24/7. I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and to be honest I do not eat the worlds best. I am about 30 lbs overweight. I do not exercise much...espeically in the winter. I have had panic attacks in the past, I have taken paxil for about 10 yrs. and pretty much have my anxiety/depression under control. I also take stomach medicine for heartburn, and the blood pressure medicine.

I have looked over various sights tonight, and many that I have seen say that you cannot feel this way if you have high blood pressure; only low blood pressure. I am thinking I just overdid myself, so and I am feeling pretty good now, so I have not worried about going to the ER. I did not feel any chest pain, no arm pain, no tingling or numbness anywhere. Just weak(especially in my neck and shoulders/arms) and almost blacked out. I did not "freak" out when this happened as one might do when you have an anxiety attack.

In the past I have had EKG's(good), my arteries in my neck checked(good), something to do with my heart(like an ultrasound) good. Is this due to high blood pressure? Should I be concerned? Any suggestions? I can eat healthy(I used to juice), but quiting smoking is like pulling hens teeth for me I am so addicted. I even tried Chantax and didn't quit. Sorry for the long read. I also have a slight headache and have history of bad allergies in my sinuses and have had tunnel vision and auras before I get migranes.


I am having the same problem , did your BP subside ?