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Hi, I am writing to try and get an answer to a problem I am having. Lately my Heart rate (upon getting up in the morning is very low.(in the 30's 40's) (plus this has been happening at other times in the day too) When this happens, I feel like my heart is beating through my throat, my head starts to swim, like I am dizzy. an I have had sharp pains through my left shoulder. Is there something wrong with me?  Or am I just being hypchondriac? It really scares me. Maybe it is just an anxiety attack I am having. Bu the way. I do take Lisinopril 40mg every day for High Blood Pressure and a PRN Clonidine 0.2mg if diastolic is over 90. checking it 3 times a day. Can anyone answer this question in possibly a basic matter. Not JUST "YOU NEED TO SEE YOUR DOCTOR"


By the way. About this topic. I wrote it and forgot to put that I am also overweight and in my 60's. Also have been having headache after these incidence