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does hypothiroidism cause hart paptations :$


No, this is actually more sign of a hyperthyroid. When a person starts suffering from heart palpitations and panic attacks, it is not necessarily that they suffer from panic attacks. In fact, it could be due to their thyroid gland producing too much hormone. When the levels of thyroxine are high, they can have an impact on the heart stimulating it to beat stronger and faster. If these palpitations are severe enough, they could be even noticed by a patient himself.
This is only the case if the fast beating is noticed at rest.

If the hyperthyroid is not treated and thyroxine (thyroid hormone) effects on the heart persist, it could lead to atrial fibrillation. It could also lead to high systolic blood pressure and further on to angina and heart failure.

It is opposite with hypothyroid. When thyroid gland produces little thyroxine, it causes slow heart rate and low blood pressure. There are no visible symptoms associated with slow heart rate and low blood pressure but untreated hypothyroid could lead to elevated cholesterol levels and eventually to narrowing of the coronary arteries.