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i'm 24 years old i have a twin sister who suffers the same symptoms as me, we have been like this since childhood, every time we stand up for a while or do an exercise like cleaning the house, doing any activity right after waking up, taking the stairs, and even after showering we suffer a fast heart beating, dizziness,unclear vision, pale face, nausea and a rare vomiting which makes us feel much better after, weakness in the legs as if we can't stand anymore so we sit down right away we usually wait few minutes before being normal again, my mom suffers a fast heart beating, and so we do and the last my sister measured her pulse it was 120 to 130 beat per minute while she was laying down doing nothing, is that normal? what are we suffering from??(we never consulted a doctor about anything from the above, only my mom did)i hope u would reply fast thank u for your time


I had the same problem years ago..when you stand up your Blood Pressure may drop..when that happens your Brain kicks into panic mode..which makes your feel weak...heart might race etc. Consult with a Cardiologist...mine said I had Orthostatic Blood Pressures..which means it drastically changes when you lay down..sit up..then stand up...they will check your BP in 3 different positions...

I also had Orthostatic Heart Rate..when I stand my heart rate would go up.

I remember eating ice cream once and my heart was beating about 140 for no reason..I had just startd the Birth Control Pill and the Doctor felt that it might have screwed up my hormones. They started me on Pindolol a Beta worked great!! BTW I stopped the BP Pill because when I asked around a few co workers also had a fast heart beat whent they were on the pill.

This all happened in 1999 since then I still have periods of fast heart beat...I try to make sure I get enough Potassium.

I had all sorts of tests done

DX:BENIGN TACHYCARDIA with orthostatic heart rate and BP