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Hi Doctor,

I  visited Spa in Dallas about 8 weeks ago.. Where i had table shower with Thai lady washing my anus & penis.. Later in the room, both were naked (no condom) and I rubbed her for few seconds.. My penis as erajuated and it touched her vagina  (she as down and I was above her) for fe seconds.. I guess her vagina looked dry (no liquid) and later I got semen and I wiped it with paapers and towel.. Later she also cleaned my penis with wet towel..

I was sure that there is no penetration or any fluid contact, but after 6 weeks I got cold, cough and small rashes on arms and upper chest, muscular pain etc.. First I thought weather changed hence I am getting cold, cought and dry skin causing rashes.. Now I recovered cold, cough, and applied lotion to rash, and feels good..

Even though I was worried too much and get tested for HIV antibody after 7 weeks of this incident and results ere negative.. But care advisor from std test express (not doctors) said, though result ould accurate 90% but need to tested again after 12 weeks..

Am I know

1. Is is possibility of HIV transmission as mentioned above?
2. What all symtoms found if infected per week?
3. How reliable is test at Quest dignostics at 7 weeks for antibody?
4. Do I need to do any more testing or Am I good ?
5. Any other precaution or measure I need to take up?



all it is is probobly a tempoary thing. (like a 48 hour bug)



sorry I didn't understand.. Can u brief..