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i had unprotected oral sex with a guy that i dont know his hiv status, i sucked his penis for around 20 seconds and i think i felt i drop of pre cum on my tongue, about 3 weeks after that i started having allergy like symptoms might be flu like symptoms i have no idea that i actually never had before, i never have allergies, the symptoms started with pain in mouth when eating easpecially around sprockets (i dont know if thats called mouth infection) sneezing, trouble breathing through nose sometimes, headache, and tiredness, my thigh muscle were hurting for three days if thats important, however i had no fever, no weird rashes just felt itchy for 2 days possibly from stressing out, i had no vomiting or diahrrea and my lymph nodes are fine, i know that these are not all acute hiv symptoms but is it just a coincidence that they happend three weeks later? could these symptoms really be from hiv considering its the ending of winter and biggening of spring, could i have had a allergy for the first time, thats my story, how much am i at risk and i need a proffesional opinion, thank you.


Sounds like a coincidence as you're not much of a risk at all. It's likely to be just a cold or hayfever given, like you said, the time of year. If it lasts more than three days with no signs of getting better then go see a doctor. If it was flu, meningitis or glandular fever you'd feel really tired and ache all over.