The standard HIV test takes at least five hours to process and sometimes as long as overnight as they need to be sent to laboratories and the results may not be available for days.

There are two rapid tests, a blood and an oral test, both made by OraSure Company.
The oral test is simple to use. A health worker just swipes a swab along the gums of the person and inserts the swab into a testing device for immediate results.
However, subsequent tests showed that the oral tests might not be as accurate as they were supposed to. This test showed false positive results for about a quarter of the people who got tested. It is not known if the tests show false negative results because people who test negative do not undergo further testing.

Questions are being asked but nobody seems to know the answers. Some people believe it is expiration dates on the test kits or procedural errors in administering the tests.

OraSure Company claims that the tests are reliable and accurate.

The tests are reacting to something that's not HIV but the answer to the question what remains unknown.