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i just turned 15 and about half a year ago i started getting this weird pressure behind my eyes..the pain comes from the back and over the top of my eyes..sometimes i feel like i wanna stare at things???then eventually i'll get a headache from it, like one of those where you get up and it aches really bad...i have sinus problems too so i'm wondering if it concerns that?..i take medicine but it works sometimes...i'm not gonna go blind am i!?help.


First of all don’t panic you are not gonna get blind.

Do you have chronic sinusitis or just occasional problems with sinuses? And did you talk to anyone about this? You should tell to your parents so that they can make appointment with the ophthalmologist. It is easy to try to guess what is causing your symptoms but the best way to be safe that everything is fine is to let the ophthalmologist to examine your vision.

Of course maybe you were straining your eye sight lately more than usual by playing video games. This can sometimes cause similar symptoms that you have but like I have said before it is best to check with the expert. Keep us posted.