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hi i am a 21 year old lady with 3 lovely children i found out this morning i have spine ambifida occtula never new i had it but i also have a extreamly worn disc x some others have worn as they go up my spine the odd thing is evan tho i have this x have had the spine ambifida i can run jump walk hop skip and i ride 5 horses i really need some advice as i have these animals x 3 children x i am returning to work wether i should start thinking of hireing some one to take care of them part time or rehomeing them if i would be looking at some thing that is going to get worse but i need to know if any one who has any other problemes the same or simerler that take care of horses x still ride pleae the doctors told me that i would be layd up for a whil for a op but realy wouldnt go into any deatail if any one could help please it would releave a lot of un nessecery stress thanx xxx



I wouldn't recommend horse riding until you heal. Horse riding is quite extreme activity and it could cause additional injuries or complications.