I have suffered from epilepsy (grand mal seizures, evidently in the temporal lobe, cause idiopathic) since I was 26, but have been controlled on Depakote for 10 years.

I have just entered menopause.

I have been told I have migraines with visual auras, although I don't actually get a bad headache.

I have double-vision and my opthamologist added prisms to my eyeglasses last year to control it.

In the last several months I have had several episodes when I was working at the computer. At first my vision goes blurry. This is followed by a hot flash and visual aura (brightly colored spots). I then have a pressing urge to urinate or defacate. The episodes normally do not last long--less than 10 minutes, I think.

Today, I had an episode with more disturbing symptoms. It started out as listed above, but then I became very confused. I wanted to find my Clonazapem since I had missed my mid-day dose. I couldn't remember where I kept my prescriptions. I then hallucinated that I saw the recliner where I usually sit (very vivid, in color). I was able to remember then that my pills were somewhere in reach of the recliner. But I could not find my way from the bathroom to the living room (less than six feet). I either kept turning in the wrong place or imagining that I did. At one point I thought I was on the wrong track and felt that I was trying to walk into my very crowded backroom closet because I couldn't get past the ladder and other things there. My balance was very bad, but I finally found my way to the living room by holding on the bookshelves, walls and doorframes. I then took the Clonazapem and went in to the bedroom to lie down (still with disorientationa and clumsiness. Felt better after about fifteen minutes, and came to the computer to post this message. I smoke; I also take Depakote, Synthroid, and Lamictal in addition to the Clonazapem. I've been variously diagnosed in the past with epilepsy, recurrent depression, MPD, and soft bipolar disorder. Any thoughts?