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Could you explain for me detail and specific about how cocaine stimulates and narrows the blood vessels which lead to atherosclerosis. As far as i researched that atherosclerosis is plaques which formed from cholesterol, fat, smooth muscle cells and calcified mass which been built by many years and it narrows the blood vessels. But i can't find any factors of how and why cocaine causes  narrowing of blood vessels or accelerates the atherosclerosis? and these causes from long term cocaine used or also short term? Term of just begining 10 months cocaine used (with average 10g of rock a month) is enough time for cocaine to cause atherosclerosis or narrow blood vessels yet?

Thank you.


Although cocaine is used because it causes euphoria, regular high dose users develop short-term bouts of uncontrolled behaviour, impaired judgment, impulsive behaviour and hypersexuality. Some users develop persecutory delusions and hallucinations, often of being followed by the authorities. The user lacks insight and may become violent. Muscle twitching and convulsions (fits) are also a risk with heavy use, especially in adolescents who smoke crack, a pure and highly addictive form of the drug. Coma, breakdown of muscles and kidney failure can also. One area damaged by long-term cocaine use is the aorta, which is the body's main blood vessel. A surge in blood pressure following cocaine use forces the blood between the inner and outer casings of the aorta and each time the heart pumps this false passage becomes longer and more liable to block off a branch vessel or to burst, with possibly fatal results.