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My husband quit smoking pot after 30 years of smoking and his is stressed out in work, angry and all in denial at home. He is seeing a stress professional, only because he felt stressed in work and employer referred him to see a "stress" doctor (they don't know it's because of smoking)

He has been very difficult to communicate with, always was full of anger and I know it all type of bloke... But this time is different. I can see the change and sadly to admit not positive. I believe that smoking pot was making him feel calm when stress levels elevated. Now it's a total opposite. He can't control his anger... He basically doesn't know how do deal with such stress ( and withdrawal) as he never in his lifetime experienced "proper stress" cause there always has been the drug To calm him down. He doesnt realise how much STRESS he causes to others like me..


Why don't you let him smoke weed in the morning, more as a medicine? Rather than the doctors filling him with xanax and un-healthy drugs.


Hope this helped.