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Hi guys.

I just recieved a Polar FT60, and I'm currently trying to maximize my fitness improvment. It took a test, and figured I had a VO2max at 72. My heart is at 60-63 and max hr is at 200. I'm 15, turning 16 in April.

Anyway it tells me to run 07:05:00 hours each week:

03:10 in Zone 1 (heart rate from 120-139)
02:30 in Zone 2 (140-159)
01:25 in Zone 3 (160-180)

I had my first run with it today. I figured I had to jog really slow to stay in Zone 2. But I suppose that's normal? Anyway I had some intervals in a very steep (not too long) hill, where I got to train a bit in Zone 3. On the way home, I apparently was so tired that I had to walk fast so I wouldn't jump to Zone 3. By walking quickly I had a hr at 130. Entire run took 01:08:02.

I plan to run 6 days a week. Probably a good idea would be to have one day when I stay only in Zone 1. But to be able to do that I think I have to walk quickly. Cause as I said, as soon as I jog I usually enter Zone 2. I wonder if this is ok?

I made a quick plan:

Monday: relax
Tue: 30 min easy jog (zone 2) + some quick running and interval which equals 25 minutes (zone 3). Another 20 minutes in Zone 1 (walking or jogging slowly).*
Wed: * (same as Tuesday)
Thur: *
Fri: *
Sat: *
Sun: Two hours quick walking (zone 1)

What do you think? Maybe I should have an easy exercise day on Monday too, so I can reduce the time on the others a bit perhaps?

Thank you for any suggestions! :D


Made some bad calcs.. 14 minutes in Zone 3 (not 25) and 14 minutes in Zone 1 (not 20).