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I masterbate like everyday but I want to try something new to masterbate pls help


u can buy a pocket vagina or u can..

u can cut a hole in a watermelon and have at it u can leave it out the refrigerator so it wnt b cold but room temperature  or another way u can do it is by.....

Get a banana cut a straight line into it and take the banana out.... Then put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and stick you penis in it. 



If you want to make a good fake vagina u will need-

-water bottle

-plastic baggy

-tape and scissors

-and lubricant


Okay so you may be thinking a waterbottle wtf! my d*ck wont fit into that dont worry i thought the same thing so what you do is cut the water bottle to you penis size then where the sharp ends are     where you just cut cover them with tape then put in the plastic baggy and wrap the zipping sides to the top and put some hot water in there then dump it out to make your fake vagina warm and then put your lube in it and go at it.