I have a tricky problem with nasal swelling. When I look up my nose with a pen light, I can see that the tissue on the septum side of my nose is swelling up and blocking my breathing. It is NOT a problem with my turbinates--I have had two turbinate reduction surgeries thinking it was. I also had a septoplasty to eliminate a septal spur. My CT scan shows that everything looks normal.

I believe it has something to do with the soft tissues lining my septum. My ENT said he'd never heard of a "dynamic" swelling from the side of the septum. I have tried three different nasal steriods with zero relief. OTC nasal decongestents work on the infrequent occasion I let myself use them.

I have a few theories. One is that I have a large blood vessel(s) in my septum that tends to inflate/swell when I'm breathing in and out. The other is that there is some kind of pocket of tissue that inflates when I breathe. This latter theory doesn't make that much sense since the stuffiness is bad both when I breathe in, and when I breathe out.

It is also not an issue of airway collapse. I can hold my nose completely open and the problem persists.

Again, this is not allergies, this is not a (static) turbinate issue (I think there may be some dynamic swelling on my turbinates as well as my septum), and it is not an issue with my nostrils collapsing. I have not read anything that explains what's wrong with me. Can anybody offer any suggestions???