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I had my first surgery on May 2nd, and the second one on May 24th. The first surgery was the whole she-bang, septoplasty, nasal polyps removed, and turbinate reduction. The second surgery consisted of debridement. I need to know if anyone else has went through two surgeries that close together, and how long it took you to recover fully from the headaches, and capable of breathing through your nose? I yet have been able to breathe through my nose, and I've been depressed so I've done some crying. Crazy as this may sound to some when I cry, my nose does not run well at all, and then I end up with the worst migraine, and a very stuffy nose for the next few days sometimes longer. Then the tenderness comes over my one eye on the right side of the eyebrow. So I've never really felt like I've had any positive outcomes from this surgery. The thing that depresses me the most is I've gone to TWO other ENT's and they both say the same thing "you have migraines and allergies", hey great keep reading what the last ENT wrote! Because that's what I feel like they're doing, also since I have NO insurance I feel like I'm getting shunned! All I want is some answers, how long has it taken others to get fully recovered and capable of breathing out of BOTH nostrils not just one? I know I had a very deviated septum that he corrected because he cut some of my septum off! I've also been to my neurologist, allergist, and chiropractor. I just keep going on a merry-go-round it seems. The last ct scan I had showed "swollen turbinates", is this normal? My family doctor LISTENS to me, he had me on antibiotics for the past 2 weeks, and I was doing wonderful on those, the second I came off, boom right back to square one, headaches, not capable of breathing through my nose, and the pain at the bottom/end of my nose which I wonder is normal too???? Please help me. I'll be forever grateful for the answers.


Look up empty nose syndrome