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Hi, I am 27 years old female and I am very interested in aromatherapy. I have heard about good effects of aromatherapy on many disorders so I would like to attend some course. I have talked to my friend who decided to come with me so I would like to know how I may find aromatherapy course.


Hi, aromatherapy became very popular in the last several years. It is not so easy to fine aromatherapy course but you have to careful and find good quality course. It is the best way to find someone who already attended some courses. In the centers where are organized massage courses very often there are aromatherapy courses too. Also you may find on line courses on the web but, once again, think twice before you choose the right one.


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It is a good idea to read exactly what the aromatherapy course is going to give you. This is usually found in the syllabus or a Table of Content.

Good Aromatherapy Courses don't need to cost a lot of money to be useful.

Be sure it is an aromatherapy course that has been made by a practicing certified aromatherapist also.

Good Luck