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Aromatherapy and essential oil advice. Anyone have any websites or books to recommend to learn how to,use aromatherapy for health issues, especially for anxiety and depression? Thank


Treatment with essential oils is also popular. For the treatment of essential oils, rosemary essential oil, essential oil of lemon, essential oil of tea tree. They are usually added during inhalation. The use of essential oils is also found in the massage room. Essential oil of tea tree, lemon essential oil can be added in a mixture of massage oils. Essential oil of tea tree helps with coughing, colds, food poisoning. Also, essential oil of tea tree is effective in fungal skin lesions. And especially the essential oil of tea tree is effective in fungal nail lesions. Essential oil of lemon is considered to increase blood pressure. In addition, essential oil of lemon is irreplaceable for diseases of the respiratory system. Lemon essential oil relieves headaches, migraines. If you find use of essential oils in the aromatization of premises. Very useful and important properties of essential oils are their ability to help with women's problems. If the menstrual cycle is disturbed, sit baths with essential oils of cinnamon, juniper, chamomile, basil, wormwood should be tried. All the best for you.