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i got letter from the social services said that i am the father of the baby girl who born in may 5th 2008 and i dont know anything about the mother being pregant. but the letter said that baby girl was born on may 5th 2008 so her conception is aug 13th 2007 and her last period was in july 2007 but i didnt had sex with her till end of aug and first week of sept but way the letter said that she was already 2 week pregant when i had sex with her how can it be my baby when she was already 2 week and i am still waiting for the dna appt to make an appt for us to come in to do the dna. but i dont understand how it work!


If your calculations are correct, your not the daddy. The only way to put your mind at ease is to have a DNA done ASAP. The lastest version of a DNA is the Tech takes a swabbing of both of your cheeks (mouth) and does the same to the baby. Mom is eliminated for obvious reasons. They may do blood tests, it depends. The results could take weeks, but in some cases, maybe a bit more than a week. There isn't much you can do until you know for sure. Then your looking at 18 years of child support payments as well as half of thr rights to your daughter, which isn't so bad.

Are you sure the letter said she was two weeks pregnant already when you had sex with her? I find it odd that Social Services would even consider sending you such a letter if she admitted to already being pregnant before you came into the picture.