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Hi folks,

I wanted to get your opinion on something that has been working its way round my mind for the last 6 or so months.

Cutting a long story short.......
In Feb 2009 my gf went travelling for 3 months. She came back in May 09 and we picked up where we left off. at the end of June I found e-mails and photographs she had been sending to a guy she met whilst travelling. We broke up on the 26th June 2009. The last time we slept together would have been either 23rd or 25th June 2009. I got a text from her as I usually did on the 30th of June to say she had got her period. She was pretty regular because I always knew when she was due to get her period. I even remember her getting it at the beggining of June/ end of May. About 5 days later I heard from mutual friend that she had flown back to be with the other guy. That was around the 9th July. She was with him for 3 weeks I think. That was the last I heard of her. In September she turned up on my doorstep with her mother to tell me she was pregnant. Her due date was the 6th April 2010 - I did my calculations and that would have left her concieving in Mid July, however I found out last week the baby was born on 30th March.
We were together for 2 1\2 years and I always wore protection, she was not on the pill for medical reasons. When we met to discuss it she said that her bleeding at the end of June was just implantation bleeding, could that be the case and if so, would the baby not have been alot earlier than 30th March?

I find it a little funny that we never had a problem in 2 years and suddenly when she sleeps with someone else when we've broken up, she gets pregnant.

Could I be the father? Ultimately it will end up in a test...

Thanks for you time.


Hi honey! I think I can shed a HUGE light for you on this! Her last period WAS on June 30th, this wasn't breakthrough bleeding! As that would have happend around the 28th! As you take June 30th and her due date would have been April 6th! So when a baby is due you go 2 weeks before and after - to be on the safe side! And she was 1 week earlier! Still in the time frame allowed! I don't know how you feel about what I'm about to say but you are NOT the baby's father! This other guy or perhaps even someone else is!

You were decent and responsible enough to wear protection - for her sakes too! BUT obviously this guy didn't care and WHAM! So try and walk away honey! This was HER choice to have unprotected sex with a stranger! And still have the gonads to come with her mother to YOUR door to say that you are the father!! That's one LOW you know what!!! So don't worry OK? Good luck honey! IF she wants you to pay, it will have to be HER that pays for a test! Don't waste your money or your time!


Thanks Bambi,

To be honest, I'm pretty settled either way, If the child is mine I'll do whatever it takes to ensure it has a good father. If it's not mine I'll continue to search for the right person to marry lol. I'm only 21 so it wasn't exactly what I had planned however I always knew the risk was there even with protection.

Bottom line is, I reckon it would be safest to really put my mind a rest, there is still that window is there not?



There is a slight window yes! BUT you used protection so ALL the planets would have had to ironically lined up at that VERY time you had "protected sex" for her to get pregnant! Like I said honey it's up to you if you need to find out! Like you said you are only 21, you don't need this at your age! I think you can only force her IF she is stating there is a possibility OR she is coming for your for money!