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Hi, I need some help. I have had burning and itching on and around my testicles for over a month. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me a antifungal cream. She said it was a yeast infection. I was tested for HIV and STDs and came back negative. The cream helps only by temporarily taking away the itching but it always comes back and I'm concern that its not going away. How long do yeast infections usually last in men? and is there any other type of medication I should be trying?


Know this is an old thread but here's a quick answer for others who come searching.

A few days to a week with treatment. It is EXCEPTIONALLY unwise to allow it to go untreated. Other stuff to try is the same stuff women use for their yeast infections. Something the doc will probably prescribe for you is nystatin and triamcinolone. Basically the nystatin is to kill a yeast called candida and the triamcinolone is to reduce inflammation.

Also there are plenty of "holistic" cures but I tend to be a western medicine man myself.