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I feel absolutely disgusting using this cream.. Any other options have to shove stuff up my hooo-hooo.


i want something fast that will get rid of this damned thing.


A couple thoughts...


And keep in mind I've worked with thousands of women reporting similar issues...

Once you have a yeast infection, it's much tougher getting it under control than it is taking the necessary steps to avoid another one in the future.

The creams and such that you apply after you've started having a yeast infection have their place.

BUT, there are other "tool" you can use to help bring relief even faster-- According to several experts.

The first is to consider taking one of the popular dietary supplements that has a reputation as a candida yeast fighter.  Especially a probiotic that contains important strains like bacillus coagulans and enterococcus faecalis-- getting your intestinal tract back in balance is a very good thing.

The other thing is to cut back on those foods that feed the fungus, namely carbohydrates (sugars). 

Between a smart diet and the right dietary supplements many women have reported a big decrease in the number of yeast infections they've suffered with.