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I had a baby 6 weeks ago and this week DH and I had unprotected sex 3 times (dumb I know but it was hard after waiting a month and a half!) . He says he tried not to ejaculate in me and "thinks" he was successful but I would like to be sure. I know if I am pregnant again it won't show up for a couple of weeks but I am wondering how long after you have a baby does the HCG stay in your system? I would hate to have a test say + and have it just be residual hormones from being pregnant with my daughter. I really don't want 2 babies so close together so I am hoping I am not! So how long does the HCG stay in your system enough to show a + HPT?


I'm pretty sure its 8 weeks. It says not to take a HPT within 8 weeks from giving birth or having a miscarriage.

Hope that helps.