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I ask the question how long does methadone stay in your system. The answers posted were 5 to 10 days with a urine test. Is this the same with a blood test? And what is the difference with blood or urine? Do they register about the same? It would seem to me a blood test could tell more.


Hello there,

When the urine test is done it is usually because most of the people who are using drugs are not taking care about hiding this.

Now, are you trying to hide the fact that you have been taking methadone? The difference between blood and urine test is mainly because blood can always tell more, but when it comes to the drugs then the ordinary blood work is not going to show anything. Only if your doctor specify that he wants to test your blood to certain types of drugs laboratory technicians are going to run this test, and they can find out if you have been using methadone. I hope this answer helps you, and that you were just curious about this whole thing.