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Hello, I'm a 24 year old male and recently went to my doctor about a back injury I had, and at the same time, mentioned about a problem I had with the tip of my foreskin. It basically isn't retracting properly, and a whitish ring has formed at the tip which is slightly 'rough' and prevents me retracting it properly. My doctor told me that a total circumcision wasn't needed, just a minor surgical procedure, and he fiddled with his computer for a bit and told me that I would be put down for this operation.

But this was 4 months ago now and I haven't heard anything! No letter, no phone call etc. Am I on some kind of long waiting list, or is there something else I need to do?

Any help/advice would be grateful, thanks !!


It sounds like you've fallen through the cracks.

Why can't you call up his office and ask the status of your case?

Most of the time, you can get this procedure done in his office and be home healing within a half hour.

I can't imagine why you would need to wait four months.

I'd guess that someone was supposed to call you to schedule and they either missed you, or somebody dropped the ball.

If you are still concerned, ask about getting a "dorsal Slit" which is what I think he is considering here. It's basically a nick in the underside of the foreskin which will alllow it to slide back more easily without pain.

But discuss this with your doctor.

Good luck.
Let us know what comes of this.