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i have a slight problem and wonder how to fix it... when my penis is flacid i can retract the foreskin easily, and i wash under there everyday in the bath and shower... however when my penis is erect i again can pull it over easily but once over i get a pain on the head as if its being strangled haha.... i do not want circumsition that is not an option.. also i have quite along foreskin and can masturbate with the foreskin over the head, not a problem.... is their a easy solution to my problem, i am 18 please wb


Some recommend stretching the foreskin through a daily GENTLE stretching routine. Some report good progress with this.

Others recommend a circumcision, but there is a growing movement against this operation.

And some doctors will perform a "dorsal slit", which is a nick in the foreskin to allow a little more room when the head is errect. Healing time is 2-to-3 weeks with moderate care and abstaining from sex.

Look elsewhere on this board for more information on these options.