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My foreskins not really long, but I would prefer it if it didnt reach up so far with an erection, is there any to reduce the length of my foreskin without having to get circumcised?


There is a procedure called the "dorsal slit" that can be done in a doctor's office with local numbing.

It will loosen the foreskin so that it can retract without pain and expose more of the head during stimulation or sex.

Many men are objecting to the fact they were circumcized when they were a kid, believing they have been deprived of sensation or nerve endings. But I feel this is crying over spilled milk.... water under the bridge.

I would think twice about having a circumcision for anything other than medical/health/cleanliness issues.

I urge you to consult a doctor before deciding what, if anything, you want done.

You don't mention your age or culture, so I assume you're a legal adult, and able to make your own decisions. This would be a permanent change. There's no going back.... except if you decide to wait awhile. 8-|